Thailand Business Visa

Thailand Business Visa

Given Thailand’s high degree of economic opportunity, it is not too much of a surprise to see business visa applicants grown in numbers. However, the timeframe involved in visa processing has been a primary concern of many applicants.

Questions that revolve around its release and procedures that would expedite the whole process continue to arise. Indeed, how long can an organization acquire a Thailand business visa? What factors contribute to delays?

Thailand business visa is a requirement when searching for business opportunities in the country. Aside from that, such is also instrumental in obtaining the work permit. There are two ways from which potential US investors can apply for the visa. The first is via personal applications. The second is through mailed applications. Personal applications usually take 2 business days, while those are sent via mails are processed in about 10 business days. With the twists and turns of evaluating and examining these applications, timeframes are of course, highly reasonable. But then again, it is important to note that these processing periods are merely estimates. The release can be extended.

Factors affecting the release of Thailand business visa

There are several factors that affect the immediate release of this visa. Oftentimes, these are minor setbacks, which, if ignored, result in frustrations and disappointments. Incomplete forms – A visa, regardless of its type cannot be processed, unless all the documentary requirements are satisfied. What many applicants do not understand is that these papers determine the strength of their application. The failure to comply with the documentary requirements severely hurts the application.

The volume of applicants – Evidently, applications are not processed within an hour. Consular officers have to examine the truthfulness of the documents they receive. With a large number of organizations clamoring for the Thailand business visa, delays are inevitable. Under such circumstances, timing plays an important role.

Immigration law changes – From time to time, immigration law goes through modifications and visa applicants have no choice but to adjust.  Lack of legal guidance – A common problem among visa candidates is being over-confident that they can go through the application by themselves. Unfortunately, relying on plain instincts alone does not always work. In this aspect, asking the experts would not hurt. Instead, this can even expedite the whole procedure. Indeed, anticipating the approval of the Thailand business visa can lead to failed expectations.

However, by being proactive and seeking assistance from immigration professionals, these scenarios can be easily resolved.


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