Medical Aid: Retirement in Thailand

Medical Aid : Retirement in Thailand

Seeking advice about medical benefits from a Bangkok law office might not be the best option, however most expat attorneys in Thailand have and know which are the best local medical aids in the Kingdom. First hand advice is always the best.

Most international health insurance policies have no boundaries or geographical limits on where you are eligible for coverage through the health plan.  Some may even provide coverage while you are in the U.S., provided that you are not returning on a permanent basis.

International health insurance policies are annually renewable, which means that your premium for the coverage is guaranteed for one year and you cannot be denied coverage when your annual policy period expires.  The premiums may increase at renewal, but your coverage will not be denied, even if you had many claims in the previous year.

To be eligible for this type of health insurance, you will need to have a foreign residence and coverage will not become effective until you are actually residing at the foreign address.  If you are planning a move to a foreign country, you may apply for coverage in advance of relocating, but the coverage will not become effective until you actually leave the United States.

The coverage limits and benefits with an international health insurance policy may vary substantially from one insurance company to another, so one should carefully review policy descriptions in detail before purchasing a health insurance plan for a foreign residency.


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