Marriage Visa to Thailand

A foreigner who wishes to stay long term in Thailand are usually presented with different visa options, depending on individual’s circumstance. One of Thai Visa a foreigner could apply if he/she is married to a Thai national would be Thai Marriage Visa.

Marriage Visa allows the holder to stay in Thailand for an initial of 3 months, which will be extended for a period of one year. Once approved, the foreigner can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Multiple entries to Thailand
  • Valid for stay for a period of 90 days before converting to 1 year
  • Conversion of Non-immigrant Visa to Marriage Visa in Thailand
  • Marriage Visa is renewable every year without leaving Thailand
  • Foreign visa holder is eligible to apply for work permit
  • Able to open bank (savings) account in Thailand
  • eligible to apply for Permanent Residency after renewals

To process your One Year Marriage Visa to Thailand, you have to meet the following requirements:

  • Must be married to a Thai national
  • Must be able to show financial evidence between:
    • BANK ACCOUNT SHOWING THB 400,000 (must be able to show the evidence of money transfer to your Thai Bank account and this sum of money must be deposited in your bank account at least 2 months) OR
    • MONTHLY INCOME OF AT LEAST THB 40,000 (must present a letter from your company and we will verify this to your respective embassy). You need to obtain a letter from your employer stating how much you earn every month and we will help you verify this at your embassy in Bangkok.
  • Must have an address in Thailand, this could be in a form of rental agreement or contract

Initial Visa can be applied online and we can prepare all the documents for you. You need to process this in the Thai Embassy in your home country or country of residence. Once you arrived in Thailand, we can convert it to One Year Marriage Visa.


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